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Q: How much does the worst player on the PGA tour make per year?
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How much will roger waters make on the 2010 tour?

Too much

How much money did David Archuleta make on tour?


How much does Lil Wayne make on tour?

20 million

How much money will David Archuleta make on his summer tour 2009?

he made 1.9.million on this tour alone!!!

How much to the American idol contestants make when on tour this summer?


How much money did Tiger Woods make in 2007 on the P.G.A. tour?


How much money does a music artist make while on tour?

Over a million

How much does a Kenyan tour guide make?

Enough for a bus ticket out of kenya

PGA Tour player to make all cuts in 2008?

Briny baird. with 26 cuts in 2008

How much do the idols make on tour?

in UK, after x factor each person gets £50k for the tour. dunno if its the same for American idol.

What are the average yearly expenses for a PGA tour player IE How much of those winnings do they get to keep?


How much money did Tiger Woods make on the PGA Tour last year?

$5,775,000 on the 2008 PGA Tour, but he only played half a season.