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Q: How much does an iPad 2 cost in Dubai?
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How much iPad and iPad 2 cost?

$">$1700$2. $ 800

How much does it cost to fly ten people to Dubai?


How much do the iPad 2 8gb cost?

There is no iPad in an 8g. The lowest is 16g which with wifi ONLY is $399

How much does it cost to fix a Ipad 2?

A lot of money wasted!

How much does it cost to fix the microphone on the iPad 2 16GB?

25 cents

How much does the smart cover for the ipad 2 cost?

well I have an iPad 2 but on my birthday I got the iPad 2 and the smart cover separate my sister says she got for 35 dollars if u get the polyurethane but is you want the leather type it will cost 69 dollars plus tax on both I love the IPAD 2

How much does a pink iPad 2 cost?

there is not a pink iPad 2 there is only a black and white iPad 2. If you want a apple product that has color get the new iPod tuch, or the new iPod nano, or the iPod shuffle. (:

How much will the iPad 2 be?

The ipad 2 is £35.00

How much will iPad 3 cost?

As it hasn't been released yet, I would think it would be $500, because that's what the iPad 2 costs.

How much does a brand new Ipad cost at Philippine peso?

The fourth generation iPad is not available yet in the Philippines. There is no price yet for this product. The iPad 2 is listed at 18,990 pesos.

How much will an iPad 2 cost in Christmas?

It will cost the same as usual, just cause its Christmas it doesn't make the price down.

How much does a used Ipad 2 cost?

Depending if the Ipad was used a lot or not and how much disc space it has, you will have to pay up to 400 dollars for a used Ipad. But if you are lucky, some also sell for as low as 200 dollars.