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A modern tennis ball must have a mass (weight) in the range 56.0 g to 59.4 g (1.98 oz. to 2.10 oz.) A dozen would therefore have a mass (weight) between 672 g to 712.8 g (23.76 oz. to 25.2 oz.)

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Q: How much does a dozen tennis balls weigh?
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How much would a shipment of 2560 tennis balls weigh for a 24 tennis balls weighs 3 pounds?

Roughly 306 lbs.

How much does a tennis ball wiegh?

LMGTFY Balls must weigh between 56.0 g and 59.4 g

How much does six dozen eggs weighs?

6 Dozen large eggs would weigh 4.2Kg

How much do the average balls weigh?

The weight of an average ball can vary depending on the sport or type of ball. For example, basketballs typically weigh around 1 pound, soccer balls around 1 pound as well, and tennis balls around 2 ounces. It's best to check the specifications for the specific type of ball you are interested in.

How much does a dozen paper clips weigh?

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How much does a tennis ball weigh in grams?

A standard tennis ball weighs about 56g-58g.

How much do riffle balls weigh?

Depends on the caliber

How much does a dozen party wings weigh?

Anywhere from 12 to 18 ounces.

What is a tennis balls?

A tennis ball is basicaly a ball filled with air through a valve. I don't kanow too much about it, I have to admit.

How much did pirate cannon balls weigh?

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How much does Roger Federers racquet weigh?

Tennis balls should weigh between 1.975-2.095 ounces (between 56.0 g and 59.4 g ).Between 2 - 2.5 ounces.

How quickly do tennis balls lose their bounce?

Tennis balls bounce because the air pressure inside is higher than the outside pressure. They begin to lose bounce as soon as removed from their pressure can. The alititude where the ball is played will affect the bounce. As they are played, they lose more bounce. Typically, they lose too much bounce to play after about 3 sets of recreational (amateur) tennis, or 8 games of professional tennis.