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It depends on the laws of your state/country, also the reason stated for obtaining the divorce.

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Q: How much do I have to pay in divorce?
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How much is wife entitled for alimony?

We don't know. How much does your spouse want? How much money do you make? Sometimes women don't ask for alimony when they file for divorce. If you file for divorce you might not have to pay anything. If you make big money you'll pay big bucks. If you have a low paying job you can expect to pay less than half of your salary.

If you divorce husband and sell later will you have to pay him?

No you may not have to, if it was brought after the divorce.

How much did Madonna have to pay her husband in the divorce settlement?

The divorce settlement was negotiated and has several terms and conditions, but the amount falls between fifty and sixty million US dollars. It does include the value of the estate in England.

Can the husband have to pay for wife's attorney in divorce?

in India it is not

What if your ex does not pay the divorce settlement?

Go to Court

What happens when my husband can't afford to pay for my divorce attorney?

Pay For it yourself you cow

Once divorceHow long you have to pay alimony?

This question is answered in the divorce decree. If you are ordered to pay alimony, there will be stipulations and usually a specific length of time. Look at your divorce papers and that will tell you.

Can a wife make her husband pay her bills if they divorce and his name is not on any of the bills?

yes especially if she is pregnant and they are pending divorce.

How much will you pay in a divorce settlement in ca 2 kids involved?

It depends on far more than just the number of children; assets are a huge factor.

If a couple were married in Las Vegas one resides in North Carolina and the other California how do they go about getting a divorce?

Whoever is going to pay for the divorce Files for Divorce in the state where they live.

Why do couples have to pay for a divorce?

Who do you think should pay for it? The people who were stupid enough to marry each other is my vote.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost if you are on benefits?

Most attorneys don't negotiate price based on your ability to pay. So unless you can find someone willing to do the work for less money, you will pay whatever the attorney requires, period.