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Very very little, a tee is a couple of p or a couple of cents each.

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Q: How much are old golf tees worth?
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I don't believe there is any set age. The USGA does not address this in the rules of golf as far as I know. I do think the set of tee markers should be played according to one's ability. The standard rule of thumb is to multiply the distance you would hit a 5 iron times 36. The result is the total yardage from any given set of markers. For men this could be the Senior tees, but never the red tees. For instance if you hit a 5 iron 150 yards, multiplied by 36 equals 5400 yards you would most likely play the Senior tees. Further, I think most golf courses probably have a recommended age for senior tees. Check with the golf course you are playing, it may be a local rule.

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