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Bob Roll has competed in three Tour De France competitions.

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Q: How many tour de France did Bob Roll start?
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Does the tour de France start in London?


How many times has Verbier hosted a Tour de France start or finish?

once....and it was this summer.

How many pages does A Little Tour in France have?

A Little Tour in France has 255 pages.

Where will the tour de France start in 2013?

On the Island of Corsica.

Does the tour de France ever leave France?

It is generally in France with occasional stages in neighbouring countries. It is traditional for the tour to start in another country, this year's start was in Monaco. This years tour for example has two stages based in Spain/Andorra.

When did the tour De France start in 2011?

it started on the 2nd of july.

When in 1903 was the tour de France start?

1903, July the 1st

How many summit finishes are there in le tour de France?

There are eight summit finishes in the Tour de France.

What Date Will The 2013 Tour De France Start On?

29th June 2013

What date does the le tour de France start?

July 5, 2008

When will Lance Armstrong start training again for the tour de France?

He already is.

When has the tour de France not started in France?

The course of the Tour de France change every year so, time to time, it might start in neigbouring countries. However most of it is raced in France and it has always finished in Paris.