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Q: How many singles has madness sold?
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How many singles has Mariah sold?

About 30 singles

How many singles have The Wanted sold?

yes sold

How many singles has Akon sold?


How many singles has Christina perri sold?


How many you belong with me singles have sold by Taylor swift?

A lot

How many singles has Alexandra Burke sold?

She has had 5 top 10 singles: - Hallelujah - Bad Boys - Broken Heels - All Night Long - Start Without You

How many singles has the singer of Pokerface sold?

Lady GaGa, the pop artist who released the song Poker Face, has sold over 12 million singles of the song Poker Face. She has released many other singles, such as Born This Way and Paparazzi.

How many singles has Taylor swift sold?

Around 20 million

How many singles has olly murs sold?

Nearly 500,000

How many singles has Madonna sold worldwide?

roughly it is between 110 to 120 million

How many albums has Three Days Grace sold?

Three plus all the singles

How many singles did Britney Spears' Piece of Me sell?

In the UK she sold around 250,000