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Q: How many silver medals has Jesse Owens wun?
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How many silver bronze and gold medals did Jesse Owens?

5 glod 2 bronze and 3 sliver

How many Medals did Jesse Owens win through his life?

4 he won 4 medals

How many metals did Jesse Owens?

He won 4 gold medals.

How many medels did Jesse Owens win?

He won 4 gold Olympic medals

What is the name of the African American athletes who won many medals in the 1936 Berlin olympic games?

His name was Jesse Owens.

How many gold medals did Jesse Jackson win in the Olympics?


What is the name of the African-American athlete who won many medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympic games?

Jesse Owens won 4 Gold medals at the Berlin Olympics of 1936 (XI Olympiad). However, one was the 4 x 100 meters team relay, which he won with 3 other US runners. *The first Olympic medal won by an African American was a bronze medal in the 400 meter hurdles by George Coleman Poage in the 1904 Olympics.

How many grandchildren does Jesse Owens have?

Jesse Owens had six brothers and sisters

What did Jesse Owens do to help change rights for black people?

African American who won four gold medals for Track and Field. Also, Jesse Owens changed the world by matriculated in the Olympics and showing that everyone is different and better at things than other people.

How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win in the 1936 Berlin Olumpics?

4 that may not seem like alot but it is

How many gold medals has Jesse Owens won in the Olympics?

One, the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin where he won four gold medals.

What year did Jesse Owens go to the Olympics?

The Berlin Summer Olympics in 1936. His winning many Gold medals in track and field proved that German's claim that aryan people were the master race and better in sports than anyone was totally false. Jesse Owens' victories were an inspiration to human beings around the world.