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8-track tapes have one reel . . . that is why they can keep on playing without having to turn them over.

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Q: How many reels does a 8-track tape have?
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How many reels of tape in an 8 track cartige?

buy one and see.

How many reels of tape does an eight track cartridge have?

Lol, it's one.

How many reels of tape does an 8 track cartrige have?

Just one but 4 tracks, the head plays on the same length of tape in 4 positions

How many songs fit on an 8track cartridge?


How can you fix a VHS tape that is stuck at one spot and will not advance?

To fix a VHS tape that is stuck at one spot and will not advance, just press the socket at the back of the VHS tape with a pen. The small button will be released, allowing for the white reels to be turned in any of the directions. Turn the reels with a pen, fingers or scissors. When the reels turn, you will be able to find out what caused the blockage. The VHS tape can be unwinded this way. It is common for one of the reels' wheel to get stuck on the VCR's mechanisms while the tape is being played.

Is anyone selling a CD of Dick Clark 20 years of Rock and Roll?

According to many searches in the past years since 1998 this particular compilation was never released in CD format. I have the original 8Track since 1976. You can find the 8track and LP's on Ebay and Amazon. FYI almost all the songs on the 8Track are cut in order to fit the 30 tracks on the 8track. This was disappointing discovering in my later years verses and in some cases rearranging of the actual song were done.

What year did reel to reels come out?

Germany, in the mid 1930's. First "tape" were paper backed.Germany, in the mid 1930's. First "tape" were paper backed.Read more: When_was_the_Reel_to_Reel_tape_invented

What is SMT splice tape?

Splice Tape is used to join SMT component reels together which reduces Pick & Place Machine downtime, thus providing time and overall cost efficiencies.

What is the Size of a cassette tape case?

A cassette tape is small case holding a length of magnetic tape that runs between two small reels. It is used for recording or playing back in a tape recorder or cassette deck. They cassette tape case is four inches by three inches and three eights a inch thick.

How were backups were done ten to twenty years ago and how that process and equipment has changed?

on mainframes to tape reelson micros to floppiesMainframes still do them to tape reels, micros usually backup harddisks on other harddisks, sometimes CDs or DVDs.

Did people used to listen to records or cassettes before discs were invented?

Records are the oldest means of recording music, then reels of tape, then cartridges of tape, then cassettes of tape. The very first records were tubes coated in wax, about the size of the tube in a roll of toilet paper. They were replaced by flat records.

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