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3 races. 3,5, & 42.2 KM in Dubai marathon

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Q: How many races are there in Dubai marathon?
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How many races are in the Dubai marathon?

Marathon, 10k and 3k.

When was Dubai Marathon created?

Dubai Marathon was created in 2000.

Which Marathon pays the most prize money?

Dubai Marathon$250K for the winner

Why is the London marathon 26.219miles?

Because it is the same distance as all other official marathon races.

Where are there marathon races in Illinois today?

There is the Quad Cities Marathon, which covers Rock Island and Moline, Illinois as well as Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa. There is also the Chicago marathon.

Is there a famous marathon in Wisconsin they do every year?

Yes. Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon, held each October, is regarded as one of the best US races to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

What are the most fun half-marathon running races in America?

Due to the terrain being mostly downhill the half-marathon in is considered the most fun in America.

Are there any marathons today?

there are marathon races almost all summer long across the world.

What races are held in chaigo?

If you mean Chicago, there are multiple races held annually in the city itself. There's the Chicago marathon, a triathelon, and several charity races. In the surrounding suburbs there are horse races, both harness and flat and auto racing.

Who was Heaviest marathon runner?

I ran the Paris marathon on Sunday 11/4/10 and I weigh 20 stone 8 (about 128kg)

What are the most famous marathon races in the world?

The five marathon "majors" are Boston, Berlin, Chicago, London and New York. Other, but by no means an exaustive list, marathons that have large participation include the Marine Corp Marathon, LA Marathon and the Paris Marathon.

I heard that marathon runners make more money than sprinters. i am curious. Is it true and why?

it all depends on who you are and how popular you are, when i say popular i mean, how many fans you have and what sponsors you have, and how many races you have competed in and won.