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Q: How many people have played pong?
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Who likes ping pong?

Ping pong is mostly played by asians and little people.

What did people do in concentration camps to past the time?

they played ping pong.

How many people in the world play ping pong?

it is about 4million

What sports can be played after arthroscope?

ping pong

Why does ping pong get played in china?

Ping pong was introduced to China in the 1970's and it gets played there for the same reasons it gets played in every other country of the world: for entertainment and competition.

Most played sport in china?

ping pong

Which game was first officially played?

Pong. Obviously.

What are some games that are played in Russia?

beer pong

Is ping pong being played in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes ping pong or table tennis is payed or will start in the 2012 olympics.

What Chinese sport was played in the fifth century?

ping pong

How many kinds of sports are played in China?

Badminton,ping pong,diving,gymnastics,football(soccer),baseball =) 6 sports

What is one of China's most played sport?

ping pong is one of them