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Q: How many paces in jogging a mile. . . and if the answer is related to 660meters. . . why?
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How many paces are there in a mile?

According to the Romans, there are one thousand paces in a mile. Mille passuum means one thousand paces.

How many centimeters are 25 paces?

it is difficult to tell how many centimetres 25 paces is, this result will differ from person to person. Assuming that one pace is a meter, 25 paces becomes 25 meters which is in centimetre 2500.

How many steps does a person take in a duel?

The graver the insult the fewer paces. 10 paces each or twenty apart was common.

How many human paces are in a kilometer?

That depends how long your pace is. A pace of 75 centimetres would indicate 1333.3 recurring paces per kilometre.

How many paces does a person take in a dual?

They take three

How many power walk paces in a mile?

The answer is 1256 steps

How many paces is 201.168 meters?

A pace is not a uniform unit of measure. Different people's paces measure different lengths. Therefore, the two units are incompatible.

How many syllables does the word paces have?

There are two syllables. Pac-es.

How many PACES are in 150 yards?

There are 50 paces in 150 yards if each pace is assumed to be 3 feet (1 yard).

How many paces per minute in quick time for Australian Army?


How many human paces would there be between two fences that are one horse stride apart.......example....the horse would jump one fence then take a stride and jump the other?

The distance between the two fences would typically be around three human paces. This is because in most cases, one horse stride is equivalent to around three human paces, depending on the size and stride length of the horse.

How many paces would you take to walk 30 feet?

It depends on the length of your stride.