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Tiger Woods has 53 titles

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Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles.

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Q: How many major golf titles has woods won?
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How many major titles did Tiger Woods win?


How many major tour Tiger Woods currently holds?

As of 1st August 2009 Tiger Woods has 14 major championship titles. But he is not the current holder of any title.

How many titles did Tiger Woods win and what is those titles?


How many golf tournaments has Tiger Woods entered?

Tiger Woods has won 70 PGA tournaments to date.

What is Maximum number of woods allowed to carry golf?

As many as you want, however there only really is 1,3,5,7,9,11 and 13 woods.

How many optimist international junior world titles has tiger woods won?


How many major titles did Tiger Woods win after his father passed away in 2006?

2006 Open, 2006 and 2007 PGA Championship and 2008 US Open. So 4.

What does Tiger Woods do with his old golf shoes?

donates them to charity along with many, many other items!!

How many thophies has Liverpool won?

major titles include 18 Premier League titles and 5 Champions league titles

How many Masters golf titles did Fred Couples win?

He won it in 1992, his only Masters title.

Why is Tiger Woods famous in Florida?

Tiger Woods is famous in Florida for several reasons. Most prominently is perhaps the fact that he resides in Florida in Windemere at a residential community called Isleworth. This community neighbors The Bayhill Golf Course, site of the well known annual professional golf tournament called the Bayhill Open. Bayhill is also home of arguably the most famous golfer of all time, and close personal friend to Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer. Tiger Woods has also had many victories at professional golf tournaments in other major Florida cities such as Miami

Who are four athletes in golf?

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Martin Kaymer, Paul Casey and many many more.