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This will depend entirely on your local zoning laws, and will be codified in your town/municipality's code. It normally depends on how many seats for guests / customers that your business will have available.

Talk to your local zoning board or city agency that is responsible, they'll be able to give you what you need.

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Q: How many handicap parking signs do we have to provide?
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How many handicap spots are there in as parking lot?

It depends on the size of a parking lot(=

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Why are there so many handicap parking spots at Home Depot?

Because handicap people like to do construction work?

How many handicap parking spots are available at the special Olympics?

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How many different kinds of parking signs are there?

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Is it mandatory for a residential Condominium Complex to offer handicap parking spaces and if yes how many spaces are required per building?

Your question is answered by federal accessibility laws, which may dictate handicap access, depending on the use of the building. Further, your state condominium law and your governing documents may recommend or dictate the number, location, and assignment of handicap parking spaces depending on the density of the complex. Your best answer is available from your local association-savvy attorney who will help you understand the requirements in your case given the details, above.

I am a manager at an apartment complex in Edmonds and wondering how many Handicap parking spaces we need to have per a building?

You must have a handicapped space for each unit specifically intended for a handicapped person. Other wise, one handicapped space per forty normal parking spaces.

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