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there are 4 golfballs on the moon

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Q: How many golfballs are on the moon?
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How many golfballs can you have in a golf bag?

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How many golfballs can you fit on a football field?

It takes about 19,884,993,775 golf balls to fill Jordan Hare Stadium

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Where is the golf ball Alan Shepard hit on the moon?

There were actually two golfballs hit by Shepard. They travelled, by his own estimate, between 200 and 400 yards, and were not retrieved. Shepard took the shots from within 30 yards of the rim of Cone Crater, the Moon. They are, therefore, somewhere within the within about 230-430 yards of the rim of Cone Crater, the Moon.

How many quarters is the moon worth?

how many quarters does the moon worth

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How many times does the moon rotate as it revolves around the moon?

I am sorry, but the moon does not "revolve around the moon".

How many craters are in the moon.?

There are 375 craters in the moon.....

How many natural satellites does the moon have?

The moon does not have any.

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