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Hopefully, she's still counting!

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Q: How many forward flips did Mary Lou Retten do?
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How many syllables does flips have?

"Flips" has one syllable.

How many flips can a dolphin do?

A spinner dolphin can do up to fourteen spins per jump!

How many flips does Justin Gabriel do in his 450 splash?

He does 1 flip

How many back flips can one do before getting killed?

Back flips are not lethal in themselves, although if you do too many of them, the high impact could eventually contribute to degenerative joint disease. Too much athleticism does take its toll on the body. Professional athletes often discover this, but usually not because of back flips.

How many flips are there on the dueling dragons roller coaster in Orlando Florida?

There are five inversions on the Red Dragon and five on the Blue Dragon. I like Red Dragon better. They are pronounced inversions not flips.

How many flips has Tony Hawk ever done?

i think it was four but im not sure

How many times does Justin Bieber flick his hair in a minute?

60 flips/minute.

How many flips has anyone done in one jump off the ground or on a trampoline?

2 I think

Tommy flips a coin four times How many ways can he get three heads and one tail?

There are 4 ways to get 3 heads and 1 tail for 4 coin flips. They are: THHH, HTHH, HHTH & HHHT.

What ar the reward and benefits of being a gymnastics coach?

there are many like being able to do alot of flips

What is a perfect 10 in gymnastics and how many did Nadia Comaneci win?

Before the new scoring system came along, a ten was the best score you could get on any gymnastics event. It was rare. I'm pretty sure Nadia Comaneci won 2: one on uneven bars and one on beam. Another gymnast, i think it was Mary Lou Retten, won one on vault.

What shall you have a trampoline or an inflatable pool?

trampoline all the way, you can do flips , jump high, and many other tricks.