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Q: How many career PGA wins does Vijay Singh have?
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How many career wins does Richard Petty have?

200 career wins and 7 championships.

How many career wins did Randy Johnson have?

Randy Johnson ended his career with 303 wins and 166 losses.

How many wins does Jim Tressel have as a coach?

He has 105 wins in his career.

How many wins in career did Cy Young win?

511 wins 316 losses

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How many wins did Cy Young get?

Cy Young has 511 career wins, and 316 losses.

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How many PGA Tour victories does Sam Snead have?

Career Wins on the PGA TourSam Snead - 82Jack Nicklaus - 73*Tiger Woods - 71Ben Hogan - 64Arnold Palmer - 62Byron Nelson - 52Billy Casper - 51Walter Hagen - 44Cary Middlecoff - 40Gene Sarazen - 39Tom Watson - 39*Phil Mickelson - 38Lloyd Mangrum - 36*Vijay Singh - 34Horton Smith - 32

How many wins did racehorse Manistique have?

Manistique had eleven career wins, all of which came at racetracks in California.