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Cathy has three brothers Gavin , Garth and Norman Her sister, Anne-Marie who passed away in 1990 :(

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Q: How many brothers and sister does Cathy freeman have?
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How many years did Cathy Freeman do sport?


How many silver medals has Cathy Freeman won?


How many children does Cathy Freeman have?

Cathy Freeman married James Murch in 2009 , and they have a daughter Ruby Anne Susie Murch (born July 8, 2011).

How many silver medals did Cathy freeman win?

Well acually Cathy won two silcer medals

What did Cathy Freeman do when she was 13?

Many things. Please be more specific.

How many hours a day did Cathy freeman train?

6.5 hours

How many medals did Cathy Freeman win at the 2010 commonwealth games?

Cathy Freeman won zero medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games because she retired a few years earlier.

How many siblings does Cathy Freeman have?

3 Garth, Gavin, and Anne Marie

How many hours would Cathy freeman train for?

Around 6 hours a day

How many injuries Cathy freeman had?

She has won many times, once in the 400m at the Olympics.

How many brothers does Cathy have?

his name is Tomas Treble

Are there many white olympic sprinters?

Not many. Some good ones include Jeremy Wariner and Cathy Freeman.