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Justine Henin has won 42 WTA titles in her tennis career. Those titles included seven Grand Slam titles. She retired initially in 2008 and then again in 2011 after an unsuccessful comeback.

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Q: How many WTA titles has Justine Henin won?
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How many titles did Justine Henin win this year?

Justine Henin won 10 titles this year including 2 grand slams:-- Dubai, UAE- Doha, Qatar- Warsaw, Poland- French Open (Paris, France)- Eastbourne, England- Toronto , Canada- US Open (New York, USA)- Stuttgart, Germany- Zurich, Switzerland- WTA Championship (Madrid, Spain) Justine Henin won 10 titles this year including 2 grand slams:-# Dubai, UAE # Doha, Qatar # Warsaw, Poland # French Open (Paris, France) # Eastbourne, England # Toronto , Canada # US Open (New York, USA) # Stuttgart, Germany # Zurich, Switzerland # WTA Championship (Madrid, Spain)

What ranking is Sharapova I want to know cause after Justine Henin retired I want to know if Sharapova is 1st or 2nd.....?

Justine Henin asked to have her ranking erased from the WTA computer instead of seeing it slip into oblivion, thereby elevating Sharapova to the No. 1 rank.

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Caroline Wozniacki has won a number of awards in Tennis. She has won 20 WTA singles titles. Also in 2008 she won the WTA Tour Most Impressive Newcomer of the Year. She won the ITF Player of the Year in 2010.

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