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Q: How many Olympics games has Larisa Latynina played?
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In the Olympics who won the most medals?

In the recent 2008 Beijing games Michael Phelps won the most medals with 8 golds. In past games the most medals won by an individual is 18 medals won by Larisa Latynina a Ukrainian Gymnast in 1964.

What activities are going to be played in the Olympics?

all games ever played in olympics

What are the modern games played at the Olympics?

there are many modern games played in olympics. such as cycling etc they are fun to watch

How many games are played in the Olympics?

there is 308 games

What are the five ancient games that were played?

What were the five ANCIENT games that were played in the olympics in 2010

What games are played in the Olympics for the disabled?


Where are this years games in the Olympics being played?

The Olympics are being played in London on the 27th of July and finish on the 12th of august!

How many games remaining to be played in Olympics?

About 26

What games have India played in the Olympics?

kim lam

What were the first games played in the Olympics?

short sprint

How many sport games were played in the Olympics?


What games were played in ancient Olympics games?

Pankration, Decathlon, Chariot Racing, Wrestling,