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He won a total of 17 grand slam titles (singles and doubles combined).

He won seven singles grand slam titles:

  • Wimbledon in 1981
  • Wimbledon 1983
  • Wimbledon 1984
  • US Open 1979
  • US Open 1980
  • US Open 1981
  • US Open 1984

McEnroe also won 9 men's doubles grand slam titles:

  • Wimbledon in 1979 with Peter Fleming
  • Wimbledon 1981 with Peter Fleming
  • Wimbledon 1983 with Peter Fleming
  • Wimbledon 1984 with Peter Fleming
  • Wimbledon 1992 with Michael Stich
  • US Open in 1979 with Peter Fleming
  • US Open, 1981 with Peter Fleming
  • US Open 1983 with Peter Fleming
  • US Open 1989 with Mark Woodforde

He also won one Mixed Doubles grand slam:

  • French Open 1977 with Mary Carillo
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He has won 8 grand slam singles titles and 2 grand slam doubles titles.

His singles titles include two Wimbledon titles, 5 US Open/Forest Hills titles, and 1 Australian Open title.

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8 singles and 2 doubles for a total of ten

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John McEnroe won seven Grad Slam singles titles. He won four Wimbledon championships and three U.S. Open titles.

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He won 11 in singles and 2 in doubles.

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Q: How many Grand Slam Championships did John McEnroe win?
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