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I wanted to know the same thing and as there was no answer i clicked on the link below and it says

Australia has a strong five-man team in the 245km race, led by Tour de France runner-up Cadel ..

Go Cadel Evans haha... ummm must suck coming second in the tour de france.... anyway looks like 245km is the answer..... GO AUSSIES!!!!

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250 km

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Q: How long is the road-cycling race at the Olympic games?
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How long was the foot race in the ancient Olympic games?

About 200 metres.

The only event held at the earliest ancient Olympic Games was?

The stadion race (a 600 feet long foot race).

What was the first race in the first Olympic games?

a running race.

What Olympic games did Greece have?

A Chariot race and a running race.

Who won the men's 100m race in the olympic games in greek times?

Danish from Singapore won the 100m race in the olympic games in greek times.thx

How many olympic medals has Kurt fearnly won?

1. Olympic Games - 2004 Athens 1500m Demonstration Race - 5th 2. Olympic Games - 2000 Sydney 1500m Demonstration Race - 4th

What is a very long race in the Olympic games?

The longest race is the 50 KM Racewalk. It will be contested on Sat. Aug 11, and starts at 9:00 London time.

How long was the olympic race track?

200 metres.

What was the name for a running race at the ancient Olympic games?

The marathon was one of them...

What is a dolikhos?

In ancient Greece its a type of race held at the olympic games.

Were women allowed in the ancient olympic games?

Women were allowed in the ancient Olympic games only when the owned a horse who participated in the race . Otherwise they were not allowed.

How long is the ancient Olympic race track?

About 100 m.