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Q: How long is the olympic gymnastic mat?
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What has two rings a mat and parallel bars?

Gymnastic equitments

Name an olympic event in which speed is not important?

Gymnastic, Volleyball, Diving, Shot Put, Archery, Long Jump

Where do they sell a gymnastic mat?

Target, WalMart, Kmart all sell them. Target has a nice kit including a mat.

What events are held at the olympic games?

Gymnastic and swimming.

A springboard is used in which of these Olympic gymnastic events?


When did gymnastic become and Olympics sport?

At the first Olympic games.

Did NZ send any gymnastic people to the London Olympic games?


What are the two types of olympic events in gymnastics?

rhythmic and artistic gymnastic

Gymnastic olympic record holder?

The record for most Athletics Olympic medals won was 19 medals by Michael Phelps in swimming at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Who is the youngest player to win gold medal in olympic in gymnastic?

Nadia Comaneci.

Who were the members of the 1984 Olympic US men's gymnastic team?

Bart connors

When and why did rings stop being an olympic gymnastic event?

Rings is currently an Olympic event, it never stopped being an event.