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Standard shipping, when ordering from the Golf Warehouse, can take between four to six business days. Other options include 2nd day business shipping, which will arrive in two business days, and next day shipping, which will arrive on the next business day.

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Q: How long does shipping usually take when ordering with the Golf Warehouse?
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Where can you buy golf hats?

I'd try golf specialty stores first. Any department store might as well. Consider purchasing online for easy ordering and shipping.

When did The Golf Warehouse take its first order?

The Golf Warehouse took its first order in April 1998. The store caters for all kinds of golf apparel, equipment and accessories. It was one of the first online golf retailers.

What is included in a Callaway golf set?

The items that come in a Callaway golf set depend on the set purchased. Callaway golf sets usually include a Driver, two to three woods, two to four irons, and a putter. These sets can be purchased from golf supply stores such as The Golf Warehouse.

How much does a battery for a Powakaddy golf cart cost?

A battery for a Powakaddy golf cart costs around $100. They can be bought online, at golf stores like Golf Supply Store, Golf Town, Golf Smith and Golf Warehouse.

What is the typical price range for a Titleist bag?

The price range for a Titleist golf bag is $150 to $200. You can purchase them from Edwin Watts Golf, The Golf Warehouse, Golfsmith, Discount Golf World and Overstock.

Where can one purchase custom made golf clubs?

Custom made golf clubs can be found at many stores including TaylorMade, The Golf Warehouse, Golf Circuit, King Par Superstore, and DiscountGolfWorld.

What brands of clubs are featured at The Golf Warehouse?

Many brands of clubs are available for purchase at The Golf Warehouse. The brand also depends on whether or not you're purchasing a wooden club. Some brands include NIKE, Cobra, and Taylor Made.

What is the game of golf usually referred to as?

Golf. But a single game of golf is usually referred to as a round.

Are Linksman golf clubs a good set of golf clubs to get?

They are. I have bought from them and been to their warehouse/store in Hartford. A few friends have bought sets for their wives and kids as well.

How can one contact the Golf Warehouse?

There are many ways to contact the Golf Warehouse. They can be contacted by mail (8851 East 34th Street, North Witchita KS 67226), email or via Live Chat on their website. They can also be reached toll free at 1-888-838-5551.

In golf what is the name for a very long golf shot usually from the tee?

Usually that's a DRIVE.

What discounts does the Rockbottom Golf store offer?

Rockbottom Golf store offers discounts anywhere from $50 to $200 and up to 66% off golf club sets, golf shoes, bags and individual clubs. They also offer free shipping.