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A tennis instructor is the most prudent course of action for someone whom is an absolute novice and would like to learn how to play the game. An instructor gives the benefit of having hands on instruction, a court in which to practice, can also allowed people to meet potential practice partners.

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Tennis is one of the most active sports out there. You are constantly moving back and forth, trying to get that ball over the net, while keeping it inside the court lines.

One of the best ways to learn how to play tennis is to watch it on T.V. This way you can learn the rules. For instance, in tennis, love is not an emotion. Love means zero. If the ball lands on the inside of the outside boxes to the left and right, it only counts as "in" if you are playing doubles. Playing doubles means there are two people playing on each side of the court.

Although it is good to know the rules of tennis, it is not of utmost importance if you just want to play for fun. Many people can hit the ball back and forth over the net with you, you just have to find some friends who are willing to get out and accompany you on the court.

When serving, you should serve overhead and hit the ball cross-court into the box just on the other side of the net. Many people have trouble with this because it can be a difficult thing to learn, but if you practice this often, you will find it's not so hard after a while.

If you are having trouble with your racket skills, you can take tennis lessons. Go to your local tennis club and sign up. Tennis lessons can be relatively inexpensive and you can make friends with people who are at your current level, and you may be able to talk them into playing a few matches with you outside of class. When taking tennis lessons, you will learn the most important part of tennis skills: how to hold the racket when hitting different types of balls at different locations on the court. You will learn how to serve and actually get that ball into the right box. You will also learn how to volley, hit an overhead, and the always difficult backhand. If you are right handed, your backhand is your left side, and vice-versa.

Tennis is an extremely fun and active sport to play. It just takes practice. It's not fun when all your balls hit the net, but don't give up. Get out on the court, because the more you play, the better you'll get, and the more fun you'll have.

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Q: How does one get started in learning how to play tennis?
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