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Lol, Only in Rythmic Gymnastics.


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Q: How do you use hoop during a gymnastic routine?
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How do you use clubs during a gymnastic routine?

You can use movements that you learned. You can tap them, while you're doing a split, a jump or any other positions. Clubs are tricky, but they widen your minds of ideas.

How do you use the word gymnastic in a sentence?

That's a gymnastic move I've never seen before!

How do you use the word hoop in a sentence?

I got a hula hoop for Christmas! That metal ring on the barrel is called a hoop.

Do gymnastic players use cooperation or competition or both?

They use both.

What are the signs or signals used by a referee during a gymnastic event?

There is not a referee for gymnastics competions. Judges have severale signals they use to tel an athlete when to go or when to warm up. On eents when a timed warm up is given judges will use a bell to signal the end of this warm up. A judge salutes a gymnast to start there routine either by raising his or her arm or lifting a flag.

How can you use routine in a sentence?

The doctor found the cancerous lump during a routine examination. The cheerleaders are practicing a new routine for the fall pep rally. He is easily distracted and has difficulty following the daily routine in the classroom.

What hoop does NBA use?


What are gymnastic routines which use balletic and tumbling movements?


What are the different kinds of rhythmic?

Rhythimic gymnastics is one of the main catogories in sport. the catogeries are- artistics(bar, beam, floor, vault) tramoploining tumbling acrobatics rhthimic. Rhythmic consists of equitment such as- the rope;ribbion;hoop;clubs;ball and the floor Rhythimic has to do with flexibilty, it takes alot of hard work. There really is no answer to an example of rythimic as it is a sport and there is nothing more to it.

How Do you use hoop as a one Word Calligram?


Should you use a stud or hoop for a lip piercing?

you should use a stud

What did they use as a basketball goal and basketball?

I think you mean a basketball hoop. But for a hoop, they use a steel or iron rim with rope netting connected to the rim. The backboard is glass or plastic.