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Too long to answer here, there's half a dozen or so of styles. check out, or for pointers.

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Q: How do you remove a spindle from the bottom bracket of a bmx bike?
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What size is your haro f1 09 bottom bracket?

A Haro F1 uses a "standard USA" bottom bracket with press-in cups (as opposed to a "Euro" bottom bracket, like what road and MTB bikes use). These bottom brackets don't come in sizes because there's only one size. Bottom bracket spindles do, however, vary based on the crankset you're using. If you're talking about the Haro Fusion cranks that come with that bike, you're talking about a 19MM, 8 spline spindle, which is actually pretty standard.

Can you use mountain bike cranks on a bmx bike?

Yes, if you can find the correct bottom bracket for the frame.

What is a BB on a bmx bike?

BB usually stands for Bottom Bracket, the part which holds the cranks/pedals to the bike

How do you take apart a 3 piece crank on a 26 in mongoose bike?

You need a special tool called a crank puller. Then, depending on your bottom bracket you might need another special splined tool to get the BB spindle and bearings out.

How do you oil your bike?

with W D 40 or just regular bike oil.. i usually oil my bottom bracket and headset bearings and the chain

Will a 2006 Suzuki S83 seat fit a 1996 1400 suzuki intruder?

Yes, you just need to remove the center bracket (back seat bracket) on your bike

Why does my crank squeak?

IF your bike is squeaking when you pedal it is most likely because your bottom bracet is old and dry. i recommend getting a new bottom bracket, or at least the bearings.

What size threadless bottom bracket should you buy for an old 500 Reynolds tubed dawes road bike frame?


Where is a wedge of a Bicycle?

If the bike has a quill stem, then there is a wedge at the bottom of it to lock the stem into the fork. There are also rare seat posts which use a wedge at the bottom as opposed to the regular seat post clamp. Even rarer are brakes who are activated by a wedge being moved to bring the brake arms together. Old cranks may use a special type of wedge called a cotter to lock the crank to the bottom bracket spindle.

Where is a bottom bracket on a bmx bike?

Installing a mid bottom bracket is very simple. All you do is tap both bearings into both side of the frame evenly, they do not have threads or anything like that its just simple pressure, don't hit it to hard though because you could crush the bearings.

How big is 18inch in mountain bike frame?

It's a bike frame that measures 18" from center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube. 18" would be just a tad shy of mid-sized.

How is friction small in the bottom bracket of a bike?

Friction is small in the bottom bracket of a bike due to the use of ball bearings or roller bearings that reduce contact surface area and rolling resistance. Additionally, lubricants can be used to minimize friction between moving parts, ensuring smooth rotation of the crankset axle. Regular maintenance and proper adjustment of the bottom bracket also help in reducing friction.