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For all flips make sure you start with your arms up (by your ears) and pull down. It takes a lot of practice to learn timing. You also have to open up (your body) when your done with a flip to slow the rotation down.

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Just practice! And it also helps putting a little less power into it :)

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Q: How do you not over rotate on a flip on trampoline?
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on a trampoline

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What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Do A Flip On Skis?

Learn how to do one on a trampoline.

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Which is harder a backflip or a wall flip?

It depends. If you are on a trampoline obviously you can't do a wall flip! But back flips are easiest on trampolines! If you are doing a back flip on the ground it is much harder. If you are doing a back flip of a house or shed, it is easier than on ground but harder than doing one on a trampoline. So it all depends on the back flip. But you should try and see, while someone spots you if you don't know how, which bac kflip you would like do. And try to learn how to do a wall flip, if you haven't already, and try it. Then do all the back flips, and do a wall flip with each one.

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Are there any trampoline world records?

Absolutely, there is this one from japan which has a guy on a trampoline and slam dunks a basketball from over 6 meters away..take a look:- found these:-Highest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Squad Jerry Burrel - 10 feet 9 inchesFarthest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Team member Kevin Vandervolk - 19 feet 2 inches

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Can two people jump in a 10ft trampoline?

Technically 20 people could jump on a trampoline. However for safety reasons Trampoline Manufactures do not recommend having more than one person on a trampoline at one time. Injury statistics on trampolines show that 88% of injuries happen when there are multiple jumpers. Since your trampoline is only 10ft, which is relatively small, I would not recommend it. nO, YOU CAN BUT YOU SHOULD NOT. and please don't flip on it it's to small to be doing that stuff...>

How do you do a back flip on fifa 09?