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Q: How do you move up quickly from level 3 in gymnastics?
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How long would it take you to move up a level in gymnastics if your not that talented?

1-4 years

At 6 what level of gymnastics should she be at?

it depends on what she/he can do. if the coaches realize that she can do more advanced stuff they will move you up.

What are some examples of floor routines in gymnastics?

go to and surch gymnastics/ floor. plenty will come up. if you are looking for a certain level then type in gymnastics/ floor/ level ___.

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Do you have to have levels in gymnastics?

Yes, you do have levels in gymnastics and it goes up to level 10 and then you go onto the advanced levels 1 and 2 and then you could probably be in the Olympics!

What do you do after you know you have all the skills to be on a competetive gymnastics team?

Your coach moves you up to level 4.

What is the difference between recreational gymnastics and levels?

In recreational gymnastics, you don't compete and just do it for fun and to stay fit, but when you compete, you're on Team gymnastics and you have different levels that you compete in for different skills. From levels 1-6, you compete compulsory routines- that the USA Gymnastics have made up, but when you get to level 7-10, you make up your own routines. After level 10, you're considered to be elite.

Can a 10 year old kid learn gymnatics?

Absoloutly. I started gymnastics when I was 11 and I moved up the levels quickly!!

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What is the hardest level in gymnastic?

The hardest level in gymnastics is elite. I'm a level 7 and its fun because you get to make up your routines. I just love it!

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