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Q: How do you measure distance between runners at the start of a relay race?
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What is the distance between runners at the start of a 400m relay race?

between each of the people there are 100 meters

What body part is used to describe a stage in a relay race?

A baton is the object that is passed between relay runners in a relay race.

What is the instrument does relay runners use?

If you're thinking of the short wooden or metal 'stick' they pass between the runners - that's called a baton.

'How many runners in a relay team'?

There are four runners per team who compete in a relay. However, teams always have alternates (back ups) in case of an injury or drop out.

What do four runners make up?

A Relay

What do relay runners run with in their hand?

it is a baton

What is a race where runners pass a baton?

A relay race.

What does it mean when you are first leg in a relay?

typically a relay has four "legs" or four different runners. Each must finish a specific distance (often one lap around course) before next runner can start. The first runner is the "first leg" of the relay.

What do you need in a running relay team?

4 runners & a baton.

Who were the runners in the Inca empire?

Runners worked as message carriers. They used a relay to get a message across a great distance. Each runner had to be fast and they were required to be completely accurate when passing the message to the next runner.

A relay race is 45 mile long. each runner runs 110 mile. how many runners are in the relay?

fingure it out, sorry

How many 100 meter runners will us take for 4x100 relay in London?

Typically a team of 4 runners. They'll probably have some backup runners ready in case one or more runners fall ill at an inconvenient moment.