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You go get sized. Everything from you swing path, height, stance, etc will affect the clubs you need. Callaway have a great system for analyzing what clubs you should have. This includes the face size, weight, shaft length, head angle, everything you need to know. Some bigger Golf stores have similar systems, but they are very accurate. It may cost some money to be fitted, but usually they take that out of the cost of the clubs. Good luck.

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Please follow the related link, this will tell you which grip size you need, and how longer or shorter your club should be than standard. You will then either need to cut the shaft down or add an extension to them and then regrip them.

For lie you will need lie tape and a lie board to measure, take a few swings and the tape will tell you by how much you need to adjust the lie. You will then need to get a loft and lie machine and bend it to your needs.

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You will need a buy a lie board and lie tape, a loft and lie machine, shaft cutter or shaft extensions, new grips and grip tape. Then follow online guides. It is easier to get a professional to alter them.

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Q: How do you know what size golf clubs to get for yourself?
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What types of clubs are there on today's golf course, and are any not tournament legal?

Most clubs are made of wood, fiberglass, titanium, and light weight aluminum. You can also purchase clubs that are a combination of materials. There are many clubs on the market that exceed PGA standards for size, weight and loft capabilities.

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Well, golf club depends from one person to another there are some consideration in what type of golf club is suited for you. It is usually based on the size of your hand, your height and etc. The Top Brands for Pro Players are Nike, Ping Taylor made, Cobra , Callaway, Titliest and Cleveland

Are there any golf clubs that my 5 year old can use?

Yes there are. If you child is unfamiliar with the game, it may be useful to start with plastic clubs. These are usually cheaper which is useful because they will grow out of clubs quickly. If they are familiar with the game and you want to get them real clubs then you have a few options. First is picking up clubs from your local sports shop or golf shop, which may carry them. I suggest you call and see if they do and the age ranges that they have available. They are usually measured in age instead of length, so if your child is smaller or larger than average you might want to adjust appropriately. There are also many online stores that have child clubs available, such as Golf Clubs for Less ( The other option is to make your own. This will not give clubs that are well weighted, but can be used for teaching purposes. To do this just cut an old club down to size and refit it with new grip (can be bought at most sports stores).

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