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we haven't yet

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Q: How do you know if a girl likes you while jogging?
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How can you know if a girl likes you while chatting on the internet?

Ask her and see

How do you know who a girl likes?

ask her who she likes

How do you know if a girl likes you while texting?

If she text back really fast, and uses smiley faces

How do you know what jokes a girl likes?

Get to know her.

Tell if a girl you don't know likes you?

this is simple get to know this girl

How you will come to know that a boy is likes girl?

If a guy look at the girl twice then it means she likes the girl

What does it mean when a girl asks what do you want me to do?

That means he girl likes you and answer that question by telling the girl something she likes to do. If you don't know what the girl likes to do then you're a goner

How do you know if a girl likes you but your a girl?

if she talks to you and touches you on the leg or something like that. then that means she likes you.

How do you know if a bisexual girl likes you?

I gess the same way you can tell if a normal girl likes you.

Know that a girl likes you?

Ask her.

How do you know if you are annoying a girl?

If no on likes you

Know if a girl likes you?

ask her out