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Q: How do you find out what year my macgregor jack nicklaus golden bear clubs were madeserial s2e1t32?
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Is a full set of Macgregor Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus signature clubs Reg 086 worth a lot of money?

not really probably about 30 quid

What nicknames does Jack Nicklaus go by?

Jack Nicklaus's birth name is Jack William Nicklaus.

Which professional-golfer was known as 'The Golden Bear'?

Jack Nicklaus

What is Jack Nicklaus' nickname?

Golden Bear

How did jack nicklaus get the name golden bear?

He graduated from Upper Arlington H.S. The "Golden Bears"...Commonly refered to by those who live there as "Go Bears!"

What did Jack nicklaus do?

Jack Nicklaus is a golf legend. He currently holds the record for most golf majors won at 18. Tiger Woods has focused on breaking Jack Nicklaus' record in majors and has won 14 majors thus far. Jack Nicklaus is well known also off golf course in golf course design, philanthropy, and the dedication to promoting the game of golf. He recently lobbied successfully to get golf into the Olympics and is widely viewed as the model for sportsmanship.

Who has won the most majors in golf?

Jack Nicklaus

When was Macgregor golden bear golf club with serial number S2H5V42 made?

Mine are S2H5W23 and I bought them in 1981. Assuming they were issued in sequence, I'd say yours were made around 1980 or 1981.

What has the author S L MacGregor Mathers written?

S. L. MacGregor Mathers has written: 'The Tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'The Qabalistic Invocation Of Solomon' 'The Key Of Solomon Concerning The Arts - Pamphlet' 'Astral projection, ritual magic and alchemy' -- subject(s): Astral projection, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Magic, Occult sciences, Occultism, Rosicrucians 'The Kabbalah Unveiled' 'Kabbala denudata' -- subject(s): Cabala 'Ritual magic of the Golden Dawn' -- subject(s): Astral projection, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Magic, Occultism, Rosicrucians 'The Key Of Solomon Concerning The Experiment Of Invisibility And How To Perform It - Pamphlet'

Who is the PGA logo?

It is based off the Golden Bear the greatest player of all time Mr. Jack Nicklaus. Notice the bell bottoms high follow through and lean that is characteristic of his swing. According to golfchannel he was immortalized after his famous 1 iron off the tee at 17 at pebble beach that hit the flag stick sealed his US open win. They say it was in incredible swing because the fact that while mid swing he felt a gust of wind and changed his swing so that it would not go left at the top of his back swing. The result was one of the greatest shots ever played by a true genius of the game. See Nicklaus 1972 Open 1 iron. No way it is Nicklaus! Where's the belly? He wasn't nicknamed the Golden Bear, because of his svelt appearance! I had always heard it was modeled after Gene Sarazen, but according to the PGA Tour, it is not modeled after any one golfer. No . . .Mac O'Grady in his youth.

What has the author Jack Nicklaus written?

Jack Nicklaus has written: 'Jack Nicholas Playing Golf' 'My Fifty Most Memorable Shots in the Majors' 'My 55 ways to lower your golf score' -- subject(s): Golf 'Putting my way' -- subject(s): Putting (Golf) 'Jack Nicklaus, the full swing' -- subject(s): Swing (Golf) 'My most memorable shots in the majors' -- subject(s): Golf, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Golf, Tournaments 'Hallowed Ground' -- subject(s): History, Augusta National Golf Club, Golf courses 'Jack Nicklaus' playing lessons' -- subject(s): Golf 'Take a tip from me' -- subject(s): Swing (Golf) 'Golf & Life' 'The Greatest Game of All' -- subject(s): Golf 'My golden lessons' -- subject(s): Golf 'Jack Nicklaus' -- subject(s): Golf, Golfers, Biography 'PLAY BETTER GOLF 2 (Play Better Golf)' 'Play Better Golf' -- subject(s): Golf 'My 55 ways to lower your golf score' -- subject(s): Golf 'Play Better Golf 3'

When were McGregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield golf clubs manufactured?

I bought mine around 1976 and they had been around at least one year prior...