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Stretch every day, you can not do the splits if you are not flexible enough. So, as i said just stretch and don't be impatient.

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You have to become flexible to do the splits easily. To become flexible you can do stratle and pike every day.

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Q: How do you do a split when you are not flexible?
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Can you do a split without being flexible and what are googd stretches to do?

you can't do a split without being flexible

How do you do a split well?

The only way to do a split well you have to be flexible or in gymnastics.

Do you have to learn ballet first to do a split?

No, you don't have to learn ballet first to do a split. Its just a matter of how flexible you are, you just have to do a lot of stretching to make yourself more flexible.

Is it normal for your knees to hurt after you do a middle split?

For very flexible people,no for beginners yes. its all about the bone. beginners dont have flexible knees but flexible people do and it is fine for your knees to hurt. mine do when i do a middle split cause im good at the regular split so its perfectlly normal!

What are two types of minerals that can split apart into very thin flexible pieces?

Shale and Sandstone

How do people do a split?

well first they have to be flexible then they spred there legs out and push down intill they are all the way to the floor.

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There are two ways to split a string into Java: 1) Using Split method 2) Using StringTokenizer Split method uses regular expression, so its more powerful and flexible.

Does mica split into thin flat sheets?

Yes, mica is a mineral that naturally forms into thin, flat sheets due to its layered crystal structure. This property is known as cleavage, and it allows mica to easily split into thin, flexible layers.

What is the significance of folding grades of paperboard?

Folding grades have to be flexible enough so that when the board is folded to make a box--such as a cereal box--the surface will not split or crack.

How many days do it take to do the splits if your not flexible?

well you don't have to be flexible to do a split ya just gotta do streches. Which ones you ask well try putting one leg in front of you the try to reach you youre foot do it 2o times each day kk

What is the adjective of flexible?

The adjective form of "flexible" is "flexible."

What term is used to describe the tenacity of muscovite?

The term used to describe the tenacity of muscovite is "perfect" because muscovite has perfect cleavage, meaning it can be easily split into thin, flexible sheets.