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Too complex to answer here. Have a look at, or and read more.

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Too much to answer here. Have a look at, or for info on bicycle brakes, you should get what you need from there.

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Q: How do you connect the hand brakes on huffy bike?
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How do you brake slowly with bike hand brakes?

if you squeeze the lever slowly, the bike will brake slowly.

Can My huffy stone mountain bike be fixed even though it has broken hand breaks and a broken crankshift that makes a annoying clicking sound?

yes... replace your brakes, they can be ordered online... and as far as the crankshiift goes try some WD-40 on it... if that does not work you can order crankshifts online as well

Is there a hand operated rear brake for 110cc super pocket bike?

yes there is hand operated rear brakes

What purpose does a hand brake serve?

A hand brake is almost an insurance policy for bicycle riders. If the bike's brakes fail for some reason, there is the hand brake that can be used to stop the bike's motion.

How do you make your bike lighter?

remove anything that you dont need like if u have gear brakes take off the hand brakes thats like five pounds less if you have 4 pegs remove at least 2 that would be about 2 pounds off ur bike get light thin tires to lighten up your bike thats about 10 pounds off ur bikw

Can you use the air pump at the gas station to fill up a bike tire?

Yes, but you may need a special adapter to connect the air pump at the gas station to your bike tire. Many manual hand bike pumps are also available which can be used to inflate your bike tires.

If you got hurt on a dirt bike 4 months ago can you sue the person who owned the bike?

Only if they were somehow negligent in causing your injury. Riding motor bikes is an inherently dangerous activity. If you were doing this voluntarily, then you made some assumption of risk. On the other hand, if you were injured because the brakes failed and the owner knew the brakes were failing, you may have some recourse.

When do you use Service brakes and or Hand brakes?

The handbrake is only used for parking.

How do you install hand brakes?

with your hands

How do you adjust hand brakes?

Hand brakes are attached to the rear brakes in most vehicles. Start with making sure the rear brakes are in good working order and adjusted. Most vehicles will have a cable adjustment connected with the front cable that leads to the hand brake. Make this cable adjustment after the rear brakes have been inspected and adjusted.

How do you drive a moped?

The right handgrip turns. Turn it clockwise and the bike will speed up. There are no gears or clutch, everything is automatic. Brakes are the opposite way round to what you find on a bike. right side is front brake, left side is back brake. Twist the right hand grip clockwise to go and more for more speed and counter clockwise to slow down or stop (along with using the brakes)

How do you change bmx bike from hand brakes to coaster brake?

You need to find or buy a rear wheel that will fit correctly with coaster brake. Once you have that you remove all the hand brake stuff and install the coaster brake rear wheel assembly with brake torque arm.