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Q: How do you build a catapult which will fire a racquetball 7 meters?
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What year was the catapult build?

A tree was the first supply to the Medieval times people. They carved the wood to establish the peices of how they wanted. Then when all the peices were finished they would get a rope and twist it up to make the throwing effect of the catapult. The finished product would look something like this...

What was shot out of a catapult?

Boulders, rocks and fire bombs.

What have people learned about the catapult?

That the catapult can fire things over a long distance and we don't usually use the catapult in war any more, as they used to a long time ago.

Discibe a catapult?

If you mean descRibe a catapult, then here it is. A catapult is a machine that can fire projectiles at enimies. If you wish to make a simple catapult, then your wish comes true right here!!!!

What does trebuchet mean?

Trebuchet is catapult that uses weight to fire.

What was the first catapult ever made?

Hizan made the first catapult to throw Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) {pbuh} into the fire after he destroyed his people's idols.

Who invented the catapult?

Most people think it was the Greeks, but actually it was centuries before them that the catapult and the rapid fire arrow machines were invented by King Uzziah.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a catapult?

Advantage: You could fire things such as flaming stones, cattle or even plague victims over the walls of a castle at a safe distance. The catapult was best used with a siege. Disadvantage: The catapult wasn't very accurate and as you were preparing the catapult, you could be fired at and had a better chance of dying.

When was To Build a Fire created?

To Build a Fire was created in 1908.

How might a stone castle be attacked?

battering ram, scaling ladder, catapult, longbow, fire, and tunnels

How do you get past the guard on the temple on binweevils?

Scent the berries with a scent flower and build the catapult, fire the berries at the bee hives and then fire them at the guard, this will give you time to go up and get in.please note: Before splattering the guard with berries, look through the binoculars and see what code the guard types in.

In to build a fire what mistake does the man make when trying to build the second fire?

he build it underneath a tree apex