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One way to break your leg is to jump from somewhere high with your knees straight and another is to get something heavy to fall on it and another way is to kick something hard.

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a) you might twist it when you land

b) loose balance and fall

by Candace Harvey

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you or some one else falls on it.

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Q: How do you break your leg by doing gymnastics?
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What would be a serious injury for a gymnast while doing gymnastics that would cause them to never be able to do gymnastics again?

Break leg, back, arm. Paralyze.

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What is wall bar that is used in gymnastics?

So you don't lean back when you are doing leg lifts or chin ups

Could footballers break their legs?

Yes, anyone could break there leg from doing many things even just walking and tripping a tthw right angle your leg will break

Do you have to get leg surgery if you are going to be in gymnastics?


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What does the term tripod mean in gymnasticstripod in gymnastics?

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Is there a science experiment for gymnastics?

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What is injurious?

An injury is another word for "hurt". For Example: I have "injured" my leg. That means you have hurt your leg. Another Example: I "injured" my leg while doing gymnastics. In some cases you can say " I have broke my leg". If the need it is that painful. Thank you.

Are double front flips on grass a convention like front flips on grass are?

Considering the definition of convention and the fact that you should not (that is how you easily break bones) be doing gymnastics outside of a gymnastics gym with spotters and couches

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