Best Answer trying 2 be an Olympic gymnast too, so here is what i think u do..

start when u are young like 4 or 5.(i started at 4)

work hard to get on a team

once you make a team you will be starting the competing levels


and prefect your routines

make sure you eat healthy and stay in shape

do strength training such as lifting weights

doing push ups and curl ups make flips easier to do

once you are in the elite level, try to make it to nationals until you are at Olympic level.

try out for the olympic team and good luck!!(im a level 10 gymnast at 13)

Actually, you should start when youre 7-11. Bella Karolyi said once(coach of nadia comaneci and Mary Lou). I mean Im twelve right now. I started this January and made the team in April and this is the first time i ever did gymnastics. but the rest is true and it seems that youre an excellent gymnast because youre pretty serious! i don't really think about my level, but I think im ten too.but the reason i really don't think about my level is because i care about doing my best so the i don't get distracted much.(just like me) <3 gymnastND

^THANK YOU! GymnastND for saying you don't have to be 7 or 5 ect... anyways lol,

It's not true you have to start Gymnastics at 5 or 4 because my friend started when she was about 11 or 10 and she got the chance to audition for the Canadian Olympic Gymnast tryouts but she turned it down, but I'm doing Gymnastics again all you need to do to at least make it to the Olympic level is train as much as you can and practice at home on an old matress or old matresses (make sure you know what you're doing) and practice tumbling, just sign up for Gymnastics classes/ lessons/ competions every time there's sign-ups and if there's an adult gym program for 13 years and up (least that's what the age is for my Gymnastics) and go to every practice there is and tell them what you want to learn and they will help you out as much as possible on learning whatever it is you wanna learn, eat healthy (you can still eat junk food as long as it's only about once a month if you don't eat to much) and keep fit and get a daily or regular exercise routine (mine is the 'P90X' and it helps alot) and don't be so caring about what level you're at because as long as you're doing your best you should be happy with your self and it won't distract you too much (like GymnastND said lol)

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It would depend on what country you're from. If you're an American, check out the Web site of the US gymnastics team: If you are interested in becoming a gymnast in the Olympics you must first find a very good gymnastics club with very capable qualified coaches have some talent and be willing to work extremely hard. You need to train anywhere from 16 to 30 hours a week to be able to train your body to remember the movements and the skills.

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With alot of determination and love of the sport you can get far. You must not only beable to put up with tiredness, aching, stretching every part of your body until you screem, and bloody hands, but you must love all of these painful parts of gymnastics for the sake that you know you are getting better with every one. This sport is one where almost everyday in the gym you will probably want to quit but you know if you quit, your life would lose the love you have learned from it and all the most important part of your life would be lost.

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a leotard u can have shorts over them if you like.

flexibility, balance, strength.

in terms of moves the basics are:

splits (front and side)




forward and backwards rolls

* to add to move requirements....

you must be able to cope with twisting and turning with much force through the air and hard landings.

its ok to be afraid to go upside down and to be afraid of heights because your coaches will always be there to help you

you should have somewhat decent coordination, so you can tell your body what to do in mid-air and it will listen to you.

power enough to throw yourself. many people with small stature do well with this.

powerhouse core and leg muscles.

ultimate control over yourself...will keep you from alot of crash landings

determination and willpower....have fun!

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It used to be that you could compete in the same year you turned 15 - which is why Nadia Comaneci was only 14 when she won the All Round final in Montreal in 1976. She turned 15 later that year.

Now the rules are that athletes must turn 16 no later than their competition in the Olympics

(i.e. born before that date in the year 2000).

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it takes flexibility, strength, and grace. but most of all, it takes determination.

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No, there aren't really any requirements to start competitve gymnastics you just have to have the right clothing and outfits for it so you can get active in it and move.

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Q: How do you become an olympic gymnast?
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