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You will need to use the Taylormade wrench that you got with the driver. You simply unscrew them and put them in the configuration that you want.

For a draw, put the two heaviest weights on the heel side.

For a fade, put the two heaviest weights on the toe side.

For a low flight, put the two heaviest weights at the front of the club.

For a high flight, put the two heaviest weights at the back of the club.

All these are for the strongest option, if you want the weaker ones, use one heavy weight and one of the light weights.

If you don't have the wrench you will need to buy one, it is the same as was used for the old r7 and any other Taylormade club which had the moveable weight technology. Do not use a standard tool because it will ruin the weights.

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Q: How do you adjust the weights on a Taylormade R7 425 Driver?
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