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It would be incredibly difficult, however, if you are dedicated nothing is out of your reach. It depends on your game really, if you have only been playing the game for a couple of years you will have natural ability so getting down to the +5 mark is a good target. But if you have been stuck around 8 for a couple of years it is unlikely.

There are players who have picked up the game and turned pro withing 3 years so it is do-able. There is always the seniors tours, for golfers of 50 and over this could be perfect for you.

If you want to be a teaching pro, you only have to get down to about 4 or so, so this could be another option for you. Of course there are courses and a playability test which you have to pass.

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Q: How difficult will be to become a pro golfer at age 36 if I am 8 handicap?
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