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a man ran a long way and died because of it they decided to name it a marathon

the first Olympics started` in the 1800 's

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Q: How did you come up with the word marathon?
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Where did the word marathon originate?

Marathon is a place in Greece.

How do you use the word marathon in a sentence?

He was late for the marathon.

What is a word linked to the Olympics beginning with 'm'?


How do you say marathon in Swahili?

No word for it. A Swahili speaker would simply say "marathon.": Nimeshindania marathon, I competed in a marathon.

What is marathon's root word?


What is the origin of the word marathon?

Marathon is a name of a city in ancient Greece.

How many syllables are in the word marathon?

Marathon has three syllables: mar-a-thon.

What will come after halo wars?

marathon trilgy

What are four sentences for the word marathon?

I will run the charity marathon to raise funds.He always wins the marathon.The marathon was cancelled due to icy weather.The cars were diverted because of the marathon.

Can you write a sentence using the word come up with?

Come up with a sentence using the word write.

Where did the term marathon on come from?

The name of a Greek city

What is the blend word of marathon plus television?

The blended word is "telethon".