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no they are really not comfortable. The seats are really close together and you really don't have much room in between you and your neighboor. I was at a match a few years ago in the quarterfinals and the stadium was totally packed. I was in my seat with my friend next to me and we got to the stadium early. All of a sudden, some fat guy comes over to our row and sits next to my friend and his butt is so huge that it takes up the whole seat. So as you can imagine, my friend feels really uncomfortable because this guys butt is going halfway into his seat and its even causing me to have to push over slightly to the next seat. But I am still hopeful that no one will sit next to me so that I will be comfortable. So as I am all hiped up for the quarterfinal match, all of a sudden some girl comes and sits down in that empty seat next to me. She was probably about 13 or 14 and you might be saying well why would sitting next to her be uncomfortable. Well, her hair was extremely, extremely long. When I say long, I mean it was reaching her but and it was really thick. So she sits down next to me and I have some food on my lap and all of a sudden I am being squished so that her hair is all over my left shoulder. And to add on to that, it was a windy day so it kept blowing onto me and she kept tossing it right onto me. She even hit me in the face once with her hair. I really was in for an unpleasant experience because the whole stadium was sold out so there were no empty seats left. I was stuck.

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Q: How comfortable are the seats at Wimbledon and is it advisable to take cushions or buy them there?
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