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First of all make sure you can do the regular backward roll peferctly! Then when you start the straight arm backward roll start:

* standing with your feet together * Your chest up

* Arms up with your palms facing the ceiling and turned in (your wrists should make a 90 degree angle) * When you roll back keep your chest up and your arms NEVER leave your ears. They ALWAYS stay up and straight * You have to roll with a lot of momentum to keep it going. IF you have to, practice keeping just one arm straight but don't let them bend. It takes a while to get the hang of it.

If you are talking about the straight arm backward roll for level four be sure NOT to go to handstand making it back extension roll. Judges will deduct quite a bit for going to handstand. So be sure to keep it just a roll!

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Q: How can you do a strait arm backward roll?
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