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Q: How can a person achieve individual recognition yet still be a team player?
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Is there any difference between coaching and trainer in footballl?

A trainer in football is a person who trains an individual of the rules and the regulations and generally concentrates on an individual player but a coach is a person who understands every player and is responsible in improvising the performance of the entire team.

What is dual or individual games?

dual game play is with more than 1 player individual is just 1 person playing it

What did Jordan Price achieve in his career?

Jordan Price achieved recognition for being a fine basketball player as an Auburn Tiger in Alabama. He was the Most Valuable player on his eighth grade team and has a strong record of hitting baskets worth three points from the floor.

Who is the first player to achieve a quadruple double Who is he?


How often do you use your portable mp3 player?

A portable mp3 player comes in handy when participating in individual activities, or traveling. Depending on the person, an mp3 player can be used for hours upon hours, or little to no time.

Who is the richest person in smallworlds?

In SmallWorlds, the richest person would typically be the player with the highest amount of in-game currency or resources. This could vary depending on the individual player's achievements, trading skills, and strategies within the game.

What is Individual games?

An individual game is one that requires only one player. Multi-player games are games played with more than one player.

What is the Triple Crown award?

It is not a formal award, but a recognition of a player who leads a league in batting average, home runs and runs batted in during the same season. The last player to achieve the feat was Miguel Cabrera of the 2012 Detroit Tigers, who batted .330, hit 44 home runs and drove in 139 runs. The last National League player to do it was Joe "Ducky" Medwick of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1937.

Do you see your self as a team player?

I am a good player as an individual and as part of a team.


Able to accomplish

What do the Stanley cup winners earn?

Recognition throughout the NHL world and every player gets a day with the cup throughout the off season

What is player in badminton?

A player is a person who plays the game