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Q: Have the rules change over the rules in shot put?
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What are some health and safety rules for the shot put?

There are no specific health and safety rules for the shot put, except that when someone is attempting the put, no one can stand in front of the circle, because that puts them in danger

What are the three compititin rules of shot put?

1. your foot can not step outside the ring.

A type of shot where the ball is thrown over one shoulder?

This is called a hand shot

Do you measure where the shot put falls or rolls?

You measure where it falls. The rules say at point of shot's impact in the pit; use impact mark nearest throwing circle.

Is shot put expensive?

Put a shot in the put & mix it on ep!

Can you put a shot in a fruit or vegetable and eat it to be healthy?

if you put a shot in a fruit or vegetable and it will you have to get a shot

Who won the shot put in Beijing games?

Men's Shot Put: Tomasz Majewski Women's Shot Put: Valerie Vili

How heavy is shot put for boys aged 15?

The sport is called the "Shot Put". The shot is 'put' as far from the contestant as possible. So the question is, "How heavy is the shot in the 'shot put event' for boys aged 15?" The answer is 12 pounds.

How do you write shot put distance?

like this "shot put distance"

Is 34' 6'' a good throw for middle school boys shot put using a 10lbs ball?

GOD YES i can only throw a 8 pound shot put barely over 33 feet.

What is the usa Middle school boys shot put record?

I know it's over 50 feet.

How can you make a player clinical finisher in FIFA 11?

you put: ball control: over 86 finishing: over 86 shot power: over 86