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You are allowed to tee the ball within two clubs lengths, behind the tee markers.

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Q: Golfers must tee off behind and between the tee markers Never in front of the tee markershow far back from tee blocks can you go?
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Can a player stand outside of the tee box markers as long as his ball remains between the markers whilst hitting a tee shot?

Yes. The ball has to between the markers and up to two club lengths behind. The player can stand anywhere.

How far behind the tee markers can you tee your ball My partner teed off about 5 feet behind the tee markers Was that legal?

The teeing ground is the area that the BALL is to be teed and is defined as the space even with and between the tee markers, to a distance of two club lengths behind the markers; your feet can be outside of this 'box'. I've never seen in the rules as to exactly where the 'front' of the box is, but 'courtesy' would suggest it's to the center of the tee marker [as opposed to the leading-edge of the marker]. I've also never seen which club shall be used to measure the two club lengths behind the markers...courtesy again would suggest, whatever club you are intending to tee off with! And finally, having worked on a course, and been trained by one of the best superintendents in the industry, tee markers should be placed six paces apart (that's six steps, not twelve steps!); therefore, about 14-16 feet apart...not the entire width of the tee box like you see on most 'cheap' courses! Someone who knows how to set-up the course, understands the value of this seemingly 'narrow' distance between the markers, and how much control they can have over the golfers!

Can one tee off outside of tee markers?

A player is allowed to tee off within 2 club lengths behind the Tee markers but not outside. However a player can stand outside the markers to Tee off but the ball must be inside the markers

Could you tee up your ball no more than 2 club lengths in front of the tee-markers true or false?

false you have to tee up behind the markers

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If the tee markers on a tee box are clear in the back of the tee box is it ok to tee up in an area 2 club lengths behind the markers even if the area is not flat and manicured?

yes, under the rules of golf the " teeing ground" extends 2 club lengths back from each tee marker and across >

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