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This has got to do with weight and density.

A ping pong ball is extreemely light.

A Golf ball is heavy.

If the golfball sinks, that mean that Water of the same volume weigh less. IE the golfball is heavier than water.


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Q: Explanation as to why a golf ball sinks and a ping pong ball floats if they are relatively the same size?
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Why a ball of steel sinks but boat made of steel floats?

The steel boat has more bouyancy because it is mostley filled with air as with the steel ball it is dence and heavy so it sinks

Why does a steel ball sink in water but a toy ship made of steel floats?

Density of a steel ball is greater than the den. Of h2o - it sinks similarly den. Of a toy ship is less than the den. Of h2o - it floats

How do you know an egg is a dud?

put it in a glass of water if it floats its a dud if it sinks it is a good egg

Why does a ball full of air float and not one that is not inflated?

A ball filled with air floats because the air trapped inside it creates buoyancy, which pushes against the force of gravity. An uninflated ball does not have this air-filled buoyant force, so it sinks in water.

Is a beach ball less dense than water?

Yes, a beach ball is less dense than water because it is made of air-filled plastic, while water has a higher density. This causes the beach ball to float on the surface of the water.

Why a ball made of steel sinks in water while a boat made of steel easily sails in water?

according to Archemidies principle ,"when a body is dipped in water its weight is reduced , this reduction in weight s eqivalent to the volume of water which replaced by the body." when a steel ball dropped in water the weight of replaced water by the ball is less than weight of the ball , so the ball sinks. But in the same condition the volume of water replaced by the boat is more wieghy in comparision to the weigh of boat , hence it floats. The term for this is Bouyance. It also explains why a Dirigible(Zeppelin) airship floats in the air. The Volume of Dirigible weighs less than the Air it displaces. Believe it or not, the same is true for Steel Ships. What I find hard to fathom is how a Ship full of heavy crude Oil floats?

Does a ball pen floats in space?

Yes, a ball pen would float in space because there is no gravity to pull it down. In the absence of gravity, objects will remain in their current position unless acted upon by an external force.

Why does a hot air balloon rise when the air is heated?

When the air inside the balloon is heated, it becomes less dense than the surrounding cooler air, causing the balloon to float upward. This is because the warmer air inside the balloon is lighter and creates a buoyant force that lifts the balloon.

Does plastic ball float on oil?

This is a trick question. Gasoline actually dissolves plastics so the ball would neither sink nor float, it would become a part of the solution.

What happens to a ball when it is placed in a liquid that is denser than the ball?

It floats.

A solid rubber with a mass of 5.9 grams sinks A hollow rubber ball with a mass of 5.9 floats Why?

Because the hollow ball is larger than the solid one. It displaces enough of the fluid to equal its weight, so it floats.

Will a ball sink or float with a radius of 8.00cm and a mass of 600g?

The ball will sink. Whether an object floats or sinks depends on its density compared to the fluid it is placed in. Given the density of water (1.00 g/cm^3), a ball with a radius of 8.00 cm and a mass of 600 g will have a density greater than that of water, causing it to sink.