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No, not at all. Being older than normal will give you a boost (more muscles etc...) to, this should make the skills easier than if you were smaller/younger. Also you'll find that if you stick with it and try your best you'll quickly progress through the levels of gymnastics. Besides, everyone has to start somewhere.

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Q: Does it look awkward for a 15 year old gymnast to be in level 3?
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How many year dose it usually take a gymnast to get to the elite level?


What level should a 12 year old gymnast be?

Im a 12 year old gymnast and i am in level 7 but it doesnt matter what level u are at as long as u are having fun. if u are from england and in squad the level you should be at is level 4 or 3

Is it possible for a 14 year old to become a elite gymnast if you are in your first year and you are already training at level 4-5 skills?

i am 14 right now and im a level 8 gymnast and i would say is it possible? yes will it be hard? yea! and you would have to put alot of time and hard work into it.

How much should a 12 year old girl gymnast weigh?

A 12-year-old gymnast should be around 4'6'' to 4'9''. I'm a gymnast and I'm 4'8''. It is only an average height. I know a level 8 gymnast who is 5'6'', but it is easier to be shorter so you can maintain a good strength to body weight ratio.

What are your chances of being a level ten gymnastic if you were a level nine gymnast last year?

You have a very good chance if you work hard and do your best. Good luck (;

Is a 15 year old gymnast too old to be in level 3?

No. That doesn't go against any USAG rules.

17 year old go out with 21 year old?

It's not illegal, but it might look a bit awkward.

Salary of a gymnast?

40 million a year.

Is there a qualifying score for the level 4 gymnastics state meet in Ohio?

My daughter is a level 4 gymnast in California and she qualified for state this year. She needed an AA score of 35.5 or greater. I'm not sure if this is the same in Ohio. I also know that this is the only level that regular meets can qualify you for state, level 5 and higher have to qualify at zone to move on to state. Hope this helps!

Who is the greatest gymnast in India?

The greatest gymnast in india is a 13-year old named Chaitali Naidu. She started doing gymnastics when she was 4 years old in america and moved on to india. She liked it better that america so she stayed there. She trained in a place called Maharashtra Mandal, which was a run-down place that needed money, but she was determined to do it there. After a couple of years, she made it to level 12 and is the best gymnast in india.

Who is ella yastrebova?

A 12 year old elite rhythmic gymnast.

What is awkward year?

7th grade + freshman year usually