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Q: Does golf cart damage grass or turf?
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What is difference between Grass Turf and Astro Turf?

Grass turf is natural grass. Astro turf is artificial and is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass.

Is Oakland football stadium grass or turf?

probably turf or grass

What is the difference between turf grass and real grass?

Turf Is Thicker And Grass Feels Thinner

Are there significant differences between the different brands of golf cart tires?

Many gold cart tires have different sizes and dimensions from brand to brand. Also, the tread pattern on your tires should vary depending on the turf you are working with.

Is the HHH Metrodome real grass of turf?

Artificial Turf.

Is Penn States Beaver Stadium Grass or turf?


Is modern turf better than grass?

Think of modern turf as something you can control, grass, you cannot.

Who can make turf grass grow tall?

Yes turf grows, as long as it is natural turf and not artificial turf.

What is the end zone turf made of?

the same as the rest of the field, fake grass (turf) or real grass(natural)

New England Patriots play on grass or turf?

Turf at home.

How long does turf grass grow?

In order to be considered turf grass, it usually grows to be less than 6" tall.

What turf is on the Citizen Bank Park in PA?

they play on a grass field, not turf