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no....until an unless somebody is on steroids....because when you take high dosage of synthetic testosterone...our brain send signal to our testis to stop producing natural testosterone as we have got plenty of it already.!! :D :D and if somebody want to go for steroids go after the age of 24 and do run PCT post cycle therapy after your 3months steroids cycle!! :)

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Q: Does a man become impotent due to bodybuilding?
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At what age is it likely for a man to become impotent?

A man need never become impotent, men can go on fathering children into old age.

How do you make a man impotent?

how to make a man impotent

How can you use impotent in a sentence?

The impotent man has no resource to cure his own disease.

Can cashew nuts make men impotent?

Cashews have no effect on whether a man is impotent or not.

How do you pleasure an impotent man?

bake him a cake

What age in average does a man become impotent or the penis can't stand up?

It varies from person to person and some men never bcome impotent but generally from the age of 40 some men may start suffering from erectile dysfunction

Who discovered Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding how it is known today was started by Eugene Sandow which used Michelangelo's "David" as inspiration. Charles Atlas was another man who helped the cause of Bodybuilding.

What does a man fear when he falls in love?

He fears that he may be impotent.

Is body building really a sport?

Yes, bodybuilding is a best sport then other. Because bodybuilding makes you a strongest man that of you can become by other sports. After a long period of bodybuilding a person attracts by other person, but after a long period in which you plays criket or anything else, you can't get attraction by other person.not only bodybuilding enhance your srangth and transform your body in a beautiful physic but also make you harmonal system perfact which increase your sex capacity.

Can males be infertile when they are on illegal drugs?

It is possible; it depends on the drug. Don't confuse infertile with impotent. Impotence is when a man cannot achieve and maintain an erection. A man can be impotent and fertile. Impotence is a side effect of some drugs.

Can hypnosis be used to make a man impotent?

While I have never heard of hypnosis being used to make a man impotent, I have heard of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) being used to treat impotence and other sexual dysfunction conditions.

Can impotent man fill atract for a woman and even if he can performance sex dream abaut the woman?

Yes he can.